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CE Marking

The letters “CE” are an abbreviation of the French phrase “Conformité Européene” which literally means “European Conformity”.

Most construction products manufactured in Europe, including doors and glazing products, must comply with the harmonised European Norms (hENs), to ensure European wide technical standards are met.


CE Marking is Mandatory

Under the EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR), “CE Marking” is mandatory where a Harmonised European Standard exists such as “Sealed unit manufacture, Window/Door manufacture or Supply and Installation of Windows/Doors”.

Look for the CE Mark on Glazing & Doors

Double glazed windows marked with the CE logo are hEN compliant and it is important to check this before purchasing replacement windows. hENs apply to basic float glass, coated glass, toughened glass, laminated glass and energy efficient glass.

CE marking is not the same thing as compliance with Building Regulations. CE marking is a self declaration by the manufacturer, to verify that the product meets the requirements of the Construction Products Directive and enables trade across Europe with fair comparison of performance characteristics.

CE marking does not constitute independent proof of the quality of manufacture of the glazing product.


Compliance With CE Marking Requirements

To comply with CE marking requirements, a glazing manufacturer must do several things, these include:

1 Define the product ranges, e.g. casement window, tilt/turn window or, residential door.
2 Define the required characteristics of the product, which, for the UK are

a. strength of any fitted safety devices
b. presence of any dangerous substances
c. thermal performance (U value).

3 Compliance with these characteristics needs to be demonstrated
4 Set up Factory Production Control (FPC) to ensure consistent quality in manufacture
5 Produce a Declaration of Performance
6 Apply the CE Marking to the product, or packaging.

Self Certification of Compliance

A manufacturer must set up a technical file which must contain evidence of performance in the form of a written test report from a Notified Body, to demonstrate compliance with the relevant standards.

Manufacturers will self certify that their products meet the requirements of the Construction Products Directive. The contents of the technical file must support this statement.

Essex Trade Windows Proactive on CE Marking of Glazing Products

Essex Trade Windows has taken a very responsible and pro-active approach to the CE marking requirement. We have worked very closely with our supplier, Profile 22, who have been strongly supportive in helping us to establish appropriate procedures and also in the provision is important data for our technical file.

Essex Trade Windows welcomed the CE Marking initiative, seeing it as force to help raise standards of product and manufacture in the glazing industry. Rather than holding back until forced to act, we self certified and CE marked in advance of the Regulations implementation.

CE Marking, Enforced by Law in the UK. EU Construction Products Regulation (CPR), CE Marking is Mandatory where a Harmonised European Standard Exists. CE Marking Requires Self Certification.

Why Choose Essex Trade Windows


Direct from the Factory

Essex Trade Windows have been manufacturing UPVC windows & Doors for over 15 years. We manufacture to the highest quality as well as offering low prices & short lead times.


Genuine Trade Prices

We offer genuine trade prices & discounts to all of our installers, tradesmen and DIY customers.


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Our supply only UPVC windows & doors come with a 10 year guarantee including frames, glass and hardware as standard.


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All of our products are made to measure to your exact requirements. Due to the vast range of options and finishes there’s sure to be a solution for every project.


Environmentally Friendly

Our Aluplast Ideal 70 windows & doors feature Ecotech70 as standard making it one of the most sustainable window and door systems in the UK.


Quality Products

Quality components from leading brands and fabrication by our highly experienced workforce ensure the highest level of quality.

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