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Keyfree Locks – Now Available at Essex Trade Windows

Posted: January 22nd, 2013

Essex Trade Windows have taken a further step into technology heaven with the introduction of Keyfree Locks into their catalogue.

Already using state of the art Profile 22 double glazing in the manufacture of their double glazed front doors and back doors, Keyfree Locks are the latest breakthrough in home security AND home convenience.

Keyfree Locks work in conjunction with multi-point lock & latch systems making them a perfect combination for use with Essex Trade Windows front doors, back doors and patio doors.

Manufactured by Yale and endorsed by the Association of Chief Police Officers, Keyfree Locks have been designed with home security in mind.

Keyfree Locks are a triple entry system. For hands-free opening, Yale Keyfree Locks can be unlocked through a simple key fob. Working in the same way as a car key, the fob will open a Keyfree Lock from up to 10 metres away. Keyfree Locks come complete with a keypad. A reprogrammable 4-12 digit code allows home owners access to their property without key or key fob. Keypad technology is ideal for people who find answering the door to be difficult as the code can be shared with family, friends and carers. And for those who yearn for the good old days, Yale have included a key, just in case.

Keyfree technology pushes Essex further into the 21st Century as customers in Basildon, Brentwood, Billericay & beyond benefit from the latest in home convenience and home security.

For further information on Keyfree Locks give us a call on 01268 726262.

Keyfree Locks at Essex Trade Windows

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