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Coloured UPVC Window Frames

The increasing popularity of coloured PVCu windows is an inevitable consequence of a growing awareness by home owners that they are more than ever in charge of the look and character of their own property. Nowadays people can not only decide on the colour of their wallpaper and carpets but alter the shape and style of their home. Many people have added to the look, quality and value of their house by installing good quality coloured UPVC double glazed windows.

Coloured UPVC Double Glazed Window Frames Wood Effect Composite Door Frames Textured Grain Finish Manufacture Supply Delivery Installation Essex Kent Suffolk Norfolk

White PVCu Windows at Essex Trade Windows

There was a time when all double glazed window frames and PVCU doors were white. White is a clean colour. White is modern. White is clinical. White doors and white UPVC windows were state of the art. At Essex Trade Windows we know that pristine white double glazed windows will never go out of fashion and in all likelihood pure white will remain our biggest seller.

It is a simple statement of fact that some houses look their best with traditional white window frames and white UPVC or composite doors. White window frames were what the architect had in mind. White double glazed windows are embraced by interior designers up and down the land. White works.

But there is a new kid on the block. A new pretender with an army of support. A new contender, fresh-faced and ready to do battle. In fact there is more than one.

Coloured UPVC Double Glazed Window Frames Wood Effect Composite Door Frames Textured Grain Finish Manufacture Supply Delivery Installation Essex

Low Maintenance Coloured UPVC Windows

A major advantage of coloured PVCu replacement windows is that no painting is required and being incredibly weather and damage resistant, the windows will remain in their original state for many years. PVCu Replacement Windows are not only available in their pristine white or classic wood grain shades but now come in numerous colours, to compliment their surroundings perfectly. Different colours can be applied to inside and outside frames providing greater flexibility.

At Essex Trade Windows we have been selling black window frames and black UPVC door frames since the very beginning. Black uPVC double glazed windows have always been popular with owners of historically important houses and listed buildings. Black window and door frames reflect the age and the grandeur of certain properties, preserving the authenticity and the tastes of the times.

Hot on the heels of classic black window and door frames has emerged a rainbow of choice. Whether you want your house to blend in or your home to stand out, Essex Trade Windows can give you the colour you’ve been looking for.

There are favourites. Our most popular colours for double glazed windows and PVCU doors and door frames include: Chartwell Green, Wine Red, Anthracite Grey, Dark Red, Steel Blue & Gale Grey, while other colours are available.


Popular UPVC Window Frame Colours

Frequently chosen colours are Black, Anthracite Grey, Agate Grey, Chartwell Green and Cream. Wood grain effects include Rosewood, Antique Oak, Golden Oak, Light Oak and Irish Oak.

Bespoke UPVC Windows by Profile 22

With 31 colours and wood effect finishes available, the possibilities for colour coordination are almost endless, opening up a whole range of options for indoor and outdoor matching schemes, for a truly individual feel.

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Wood Effect Double Glazed UPVC Window Frames – The Classical Choice

One colour choice that will never go out of fashion is for wood effect double glazed window frames. With all the vibrant warmth of a natural material but made from advanced Profile 22 sculpting technology, wood effect window and door frames are harder wearing, energy efficient, stronger & more secure than the timber they so beautifully imitate. Wood effect finishes come in Mountain Pine, Oak, Mahogany & Walnut, with many more finishes to choose from.

Textured Grain Effect & Sandpaper Finishes

At Essex Trade Windows our UPVC doors and double glazed windows come smooth or with a textured finish. To give one example, Anthracite Grey is now available in a textured sandpaper finish which produces a powder coat effect that perfectly complements our grey aluminium bi-fold doors.

Check out the great choice of colours and finishes available on all our UPVC double glazed window frames and composite doors. If you can’t see exactly what you are looking for, give us a call at 01268 726262.

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Our Aluplast Ideal 70 windows & doors feature Ecotech70 as standard making it one of the most sustainable window and door systems in the UK.


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