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UPVC Window & Door Systems to keep you snug this Winter

Posted: November 27th, 2013

Competitively Priced UPVC Replacement Windows, Doors & Composite Doors, Essex

There is a material which is a fundamental part of modern everyday life, playing an important role in packaging, flooring, medical, cabling, leisure and tensile roofs to name just a few. The material is of course Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, an incredibly versatile and functional substance, and the third most widely produced plastic. In construction it is thought to be the most effective material for pipes and profiles, often leading it to be used in preference to iron, copper and wood.


The British Plastics Federation [BPF] Vinyls Group have produced a pocket sized leaflet listing 12 reasons to choose PVC, using the findings of many studies on PVC. The following is a brief summary of the list:-

1. PVC is generally accepted to be safe and is one of the few materials deemed appropriate for use when storing live human blood cells. Use of PVC is also approved for use in food preparation and food storage areas, as well as in medical environments.

2. Easy to process, versatile and durable, PVC is an ideal material for all kinds of construction applications.

3. There is only a 45% oil content in PVC, so it uses less fossil fuels to produce than other commodity plastics.

4. Production of PVC requires a lesser amount of primary energy.

5. PVC production has a fairly low carbon footprint [1.9kg], unlike many other products such as aluminium [10kg], lamb [14kg] and cheese [11kg].

6. PVC comes out ahead of most other materials with regards to cost to performance value.

7. PVC is used widely in production of double glazed window systems. 75% of BFRC ‘A’ rated thermally efficient windows have PVC profiles.

8. A positive image of PVC is projected in studies such as the energy rating system revision, which was conducted in 2008 by the British Research Establishment for the Green Guide.

9. Fully recyclable, the carbon footprint of PVC is reduced in each subsequent post- recycle life. More than 300,000 tonnes of post consumer PVC is recycled each year across Europe, which will rise to 800,000 by 2020.

10. Heavy metal additives were phased out in 2010, demonstrating a commitment to ecological responsibility.

11. Developments within the industry have led to many advances in technology, and sustainability programmes like the new VinylPlus.

12. PVC based materials played a major part at the 2012 Olympic games, when it was sited as the only material to satisfy health and safety regulations. PVC products were used for seating, flooring, piping, sports equipment and barriers.

Essex Trade Windows Ltd are manufacturers and FENSA registered installers of superior quality UPVC window systems in the Essex and surrounding area. A highly reputable firm, and one which is a member of the Plastics Window Federation, we specialise in providing a wide variety of window styles, colours and designs to enhance your home. We provide a customer focused service, whether its with our window systems, doors or composite doors.

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