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UPVC Front Doors

Your front door, being the main entrance to your home, is the first thing people see when visiting. It is also one of the prime points of protection for your home and valuables and is also open to the elements. This is why the choice of which UPVC Double Glazed Door to install is an important one. Quality, Design, Security and Energy Efficiency all come into play.

UPVC Replacement External Doors – Quality

When choosing a UPVC front door it is advisable to go for a high quality door and not be tempted by cheaper but less reliable versions. If a door seems too inexpensive to be true, it usually is. Buying an inferior door which may be less substantial and need to be replaced sooner could work out to be a more expensive option. Or worse it may not be as secure as it should be, leaving your home and possessions vulnerable to break ins.

Essex Trade Windows deliver high standard UPVC doors that will enhance your home and provide years of great service.

Designs & Features of UPVC Double Glazed Doors

There are so many stunning and attractive designs of UPVC replacement front doors that whichever one you choose you are sure to make an impression. Features like decorative, bevelled, leaded and coloured glass designs, white or wood effect frames and a range of co-ordinated and interesting door furniture give your home immediate appeal.

Accentuating the look of your house and adding value, UPVC double glazed replacement front doors should always be high on your home improvement list. Essex Trade Windows also offer you a range of UPVC replacement back doors.

UPVC Replacement Door Security

The main function of a front door is to allow entry to some while keeping others out, which is why the ability to withstand unwanted entry either by force or by tampering with the lock is critical. Many self professed reputable companies provide UPVC doors which do not have state of the art, dependable security features.

Our associate company, UPVC Door Store, supply and fit replacement doors which are resistant to most forms of assault. Using a combination of toughened safety glass, a 3mm thick outer wall and a galvanised steel reinforced core these doors are built to ensure peace of mind.

UPVC Door Security – Locks

The presence in itself of a UPVC replacement back door or front door acts as a strong deterrent to burglars, who know how difficult they are to break into. Further security measures are also a wise step to take and it is therefore a good idea to have a sophisticated and proven door lock system such as a Safeware 8. This locking system fitted to doors supplied by both Essex Trade Windows and UPVC Door Store is an example of technical excellence at its best with several aspects combining to guard against every forced entry threat.

Energy Efficient UPVC Front Doors

UPVC doors are more energy efficient than traditional wooden doors on several counts. Heat escape is reduced by weather strips which are supported by the rigidity of the doors. UPVC as a construction material is a better heat insulator than wood and UPVC doors are designed to utilise a series of chambers, acting as a void between outside and inside preventing, heat or cold transference.

As a result of the insulating effect of well fitting double glazed UPVC doors and windows, noise is also minimised, so more privacy and peace ensues.

UPVC Double Glazed Front Doors, Replacement Door Security Locks, Home Improvement. Energy Efficient Environmentally Friendly Weather Strips, Decorative Glazing Cut to Size Bevelled, Coloured or Leaded Glass. White Or Wood Effect Frame, Toughened Safety Glass, Reinforced Galvanised Steel Core. Secure Door Locking System Brentwood Essex.

Why Choose Essex Trade Windows


Direct from the Factory

Essex Trade Windows have been manufacturing UPVC windows & Doors for over 15 years. We manufacture to the highest quality as well as offering low prices & short lead times.


Genuine Trade Prices

We offer genuine trade prices & discounts to all of our installers, tradesmen and DIY customers.


10 Year Guarantee

Our supply only UPVC windows & doors come with a 10 year guarantee including frames, glass and hardware as standard.


Made to Measure

All of our products are made to measure to your exact requirements. Due to the vast range of options and finishes there’s sure to be a solution for every project.


Environmentally Friendly

Our Aluplast Ideal 70 windows & doors feature Ecotech70 as standard making it one of the most sustainable window and door systems in the UK.


Quality Products

Quality components from leading brands and fabrication by our highly experienced workforce ensure the highest level of quality.

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