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Window Styles

Replacement Double Glazing – UPVC Window Styles & Designs

When you are planning to install replacement double glazing, Essex Trade Windows offers you the full range of designs of double glazed UPVC windows. Each has an attraction for different uses or aesthetic effects.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most common window design, having a standard opening window in a frame. Being the simplest window design, they are the lowest cost to manufacture and so are extremely popular.

Casement Windows – Side or Top Hinged

Casement windows can be side hinged, or top hinged, so opening from the side or the bottom. Side hinged are the most popular, but top hinged windows are preferred in specific circumstances. Top hinged casement windows are often used:

  • In a bathroom, over a sink, where access could be difficult for opening a side hinged window.

  • In a kitchen, over a worktop, for the same reason of easy access.

  • Where low level opening of the window is required, for example in an elderly person’s home. Top hinged casement windows are frequently specified in homes for the elderly or disabled, where the occupier would have difficulty reaching up to open a side opening window.

Sash Windows

This window design is also known as a vertical sliding sash window. As the name suggests, with a vertical sliding sash window, the opening light of the window moves vertically up and down, as opposed to swinging outwards. Sash windows are frequently used in period homes and other period and listed buildings in conservation areas. They are also a regular window choice for bow or bay windows.

The movement of the opening light in a traditional sash window was controlled by cords and weights. With the modern UPVC version, spring systems are used, enabling an easy glide action – no more wrestling with the sash window that refuses to budge, or coaxing it to move in a series of slow stuttering movements..!

Superior Weather Seal of Sash Windows

The sprung window movement also makes the modern sash window a much lower maintenance window than the traditional one. A superior weather seal is also provided by the brush strip used on a sash window, as opposed to the rubber seal of a casement window.

For an authentic finishing touch, sash windows are available with sash horns to complete the period look.

In terms of manufacturing, a sash window is a relatively complex product and requires considerably more UPVC to manufacture. Consequently, a UPVC sash window will cost roughly 50% more than a UPVC casement window.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are bottom-hinged, to enable ventilation, and will open only to a restricted angle of around 15 degrees. The same opening mechanism enables the window to hinge from the side and also to open fully into the room, to enable easy cleaning – or escape in an emergency.

Tilt and turn windows are regularly selected for flats, hotels, offices and other high rise buildings. The easy clean facility and escape option are a big attraction in such applications. Tilt and turn windows are now increasingly specified for use in new build flats. Like sash windows, tilt and turn windows are also used to make up a bay or bow window.

A tilt and turn window will typically cost 30% more than a casement window.

UPVC Window Designs – Basildon Showroom

If you are thinking about replacement double glazing, Essex Trade Windows can supply and install for you any of the above UPVC window designs. If you would like to see samples of these window designs, or discuss in more detail the type that is best for your application, please call in and see us in our factory and showroom in Basildon. Please visit Contact page the address and a map.

Why Choose Essex Trade Windows


Direct from the Factory

Essex Trade Windows have been manufacturing UPVC windows & Doors for over 15 years. We manufacture to the highest quality as well as offering low prices & short lead times.


Genuine Trade Prices

We offer genuine trade prices & discounts to all of our installers, tradesmen and DIY customers.


10 Year Guarantee

Our supply only UPVC windows & doors come with a 10 year guarantee including frames, glass and hardware as standard.


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All of our products are made to measure to your exact requirements. Due to the vast range of options and finishes there’s sure to be a solution for every project.


Environmentally Friendly

Our Aluplast Ideal 70 windows & doors feature Ecotech70 as standard making it one of the most sustainable window and door systems in the UK.


Quality Products

Quality components from leading brands and fabrication by our highly experienced workforce ensure the highest level of quality.

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